The Long Story:
Duane has fixated on cars since his first conscious thought. The noise of the fuel pump solenoid as you turn the key, the rumble of the chassis as it starts, the smell of unburned high-octane fuel as the engine warms up. His interests quickly turned to the details of the inner workings of such machines (as they often do). During high-school he found a friend in an old-school car guy. Bigger was better (and often louder... cool...) and the experience he gained helping with others' cars shaped his opinions and preferences. While others his age would cruise Gratiot Ave. looking for a date, he was out looking for a challenge. There was nothing more exciting than lining up at a red light, talking a little trash, and lighting 'em up. For a few seconds your pulse matched the revs of the engine and your blood ran as hot as the burning fuel in the combustion chambers. What a rush. On the weekends, Duane can be found working in the pits at Waterford Hills Race Track, a popular SCCA road racing course.

Computers have been a constant in Duane's life as well. His first computer (Commodore 64c) was purchased with paper route savings. He realized there was more that could be done with a computer than what was initially presented. Again, he immersed himself into their inner workings.

In 1993 Duane discovered the internet (still in it's infancy) and mastered the basics (Telnet, Gopher, Wais, even the Web... in a simplified text format). Soon after, he began to teach himself HTML (in the early 1.0 days), and basic Unix administration. As the technology of the internet grew, so did his knowledge. In 1995, Duane began to code HTML professionally for extra money while attending Wayne State University. After several "learning experiences" with start-ups, dot-coms, and as an independent, he began working as a contractor for Rock Financial, a Michigan-based mortgage bank planning on entering the internet business arena. gained national acclaim for it's ease of use and intuitive design. After successful operation as a national online mortgage bank for less than a year, Rock Financial (and were purchased by Intuit (the makers of Quicken and TurboTax) and offered as Since then, has become the highest revenue generating online mortgage lender.

When Duane was 6 years old, his father showed him his guitar, a beautiful 1966 Gibson ES335, and once again, he fell in love. For a while his interest was passive, however over time he has grown to take music more seriously. Today he plays guitar for Roger Box, recently recognized in Jam Rag magazine.

Growing up in the Motor City has influenced Duane's opinions, outlook, and attitude. Surrounded by hard working, blue-collar families, he grew to appreciate dedication, focus, and drive. His involvement in the local urban art scene during college exposed him to a different facet of his surroundings. Everything was honest; presented in a very manner-of-fact way. Just like Duane himself.

Born: July 18, 1975 - Detroit, MI
School: Wayne State University
Place of residence: Redford, MI
Hobbies: Cars, computers, cars, complicating life while trying to make it more simple, cars.
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