Update: Gina and Duane were engaged on June 1st of 2002. They will be married in October of 2003. The Gumball will return once again in 2003 (despite rumors that 2002 would be the last year for the event). There are no plans to enter the rally this year.

"We still hope to someday participate in the Gumball 3000 rally. We're looking forward to the adventures ahead in life, as well as those on the road."

The 2002 Gumball 3000 road rally is a three thousand mile road race that spans 13 states (New York to L.A.) in 5 days via public roads open to traffic. Only 100 cars are allowed to compete. Some of them won't finish. We will.

That is, if we're accepted to compete... and we can raise enough money from sponsors.[ 1999 Camaro Z-28 ] What could be more exciting than a couple of geeks (a neuroscientist and a web coder, to be precise) from Detroit depriving themselves of sleep and consuming massive quantities of caffeine (at least more massive than usual) while speeding across the country? Maybe a surprise ending... you never know.

So what next? Check out the car, the drivers, and while you're at it give us some money!